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the joke is. a girl is like a doorknob. at one point or another in her life, everybody gets a turn at her.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

banana-chocolate-waffle sandwich

for this month's challenge, i knew i had to make a waffle sandwich. last month i happened to mention to jab about a waffle maker, i could've sworn he had one. as a surprise he bought me one! i was so excited. at first chance, i had to make use of my new kitchen toy.

naturally, i made my roommate sous chef. and we had breakfast for dinner. the poor girl had no idea what to do. i like to think that am helping her ... not only in feeding her but also giving her tips in the kitchen.

the waffles came out well. i am not much of a waffle person but i did enjoy the process of making the batter and using my new maker. i included a side of corned beef hash (crystal's favorite) and topped it with a sunny side up egg (my fave).


it felt like a slightly rushed breakfast/dinner. we were busy eatting but taking turns getting up every so often to check on the waffle maker. we ended up with quite a bit of waffles that i subsequently reheated for breakfast that week. not complaining!

for "dessert" i made my waffle sandwich. sliced bananas and spread of nutella chocolate on both waffles. it was so decadent. everything i thought it was going to be when i first saw its creation.


i thought of making up another batch of waffles, and this time making a savory sandwich, similar to the McGriddle. i probably will when i have more time but for now, the waffle maker is on the kitchen counter, next to the coffee maker. it's still too new of a toy to put away. :)


patrick c. said...

I'm not a fan of nutella, bananas, or waffles, but that sangwish does look damn good beelan.

Kelcy said...

you know giada is giving you props over the nutella!! way jealous over the waffle maker but i can't wait to see the savory side of things!

amritac said...

LOL - room-mate as sous chef...I used to do the same thing in college, adding useful tips ("useful" only to me apparently, since she still orders take-out)!
And those waffles are WOW...wish I had enough time for breakfast to whip some up :(

Throckmorton Jones said...

This looks delicious! I wish we had a waffle maker. :(