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Sunday, April 5, 2009

asianized enchiladas

remember when i said i wasn't that hot for mexican or latin american food some time ago? the stuff's grown on me. i like it a lot now. i think the combination of rice and beans is almost genius. my long weekend in PR last week solidified that cheese melted over meat topped with salsa is damn good.

be con's challenge of something rolled made me wrack my brain for something latin amercan. enchiladas seemed easy enough and definitely good enough that i could have it for leftover during the week. my spin was to use japanese eggplant for the filling. weird combo, i know but when i was at the asian market they looked so appetizing, i couldn't resist buying them.


i was quite happy with the end result. it was different. i didn't pay much attention to what i used and how much so. sorry! i chopped up the eggplant into bite size pieces. sauteed with chopped onions until soft. i used taco mix and dumped a can of green chili peppers for the added spice. alright, filling done. i had flour tortilla hanging out so i wrapped up the eggplant filling and lined them in a casserole dish, poured enchilada sauce over it and topped with cheese. baked in the oven at 350 til cheese is melted. done. i paired my asian enchilada with avocado. yuuuuuuum.

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til next time,
Angry Asian


patrick c. said...

OMG beelan, that looking deeelicious, glad you're loving the //mexican// again!

Kelcy said...

agreed! mexican is soooo delish! this is impressive, rice cake! and you know i'm drooling over the av! bobby flay will be calling soon.

Angry Asian said...

be con, you and your mexican food. this was so easy to whip up, just do it.

big k, bobby flay has not called, what up with that? the dish was kinda spicy andd the avocado tempered it a bit, which was perfect.