quelle est une doorknob?

the joke is. a girl is like a doorknob. at one point or another in her life, everybody gets a turn at her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

16 days later...

better late than never right? i was in love with this whole idea of using herbs for the challenge. however, when it came down to it, i couldn't think of anything to save my life....preoccupied with this and that. i thought i'd just throw something together with a few ingredients that i really love. i chose basil because it is my favorite. i grow it every year in my backyard....for cooking and just because i love to smell it.

i made up this little pizza with pre-made dough (i can hear the whispers), mozz cheese, garlic, evoo, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes. i spread the evoo on the dough and on the edges. then i crushed garlic and spread that on top of the oil. next came the mozz cheese. i sliced up the sun-dried tomatoes and tore the basil cause Grandpa Emanuel says basil bruises if you cut it. i layered those around the pie and stuck it in the oven for 10-ish minutes.

the result? i really liked it....and then it hit me...i forgot my spinach. i think that would have added another level of taste,but either way, i really gobbled it up and so did matt. it had a fresh, light, taste that you can't get at pizza hut. i'm just sayin'....